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Sun in Pisces 2.19.13


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Herbal tincturing: memory tonic, no stress potion, thyme for pure skin

For the “no stress” potion, combine equal parts hops, catnip, milky oat tops, and pink rose petals. These are all “nervines” that help you relax and de-stress.

In the magical world of herbs, there are many ways to extract  the essence of an herb or flower to be used for medicinal/healing purposes. One of the simplest ways is tincturing. Tinctures are liquid extracts of herbs made with vinegar, alcohol, or glycerin. Tinctures are taken internally for all types of ailments, or for general improvement of health. They can also be used externally on the skin. All that it takes to make a long lasting, effective tincture are the herbs of choice, a glass jar, and apple cider vinegar (preferably raw, organic, with the ‘mother’.)

The tinctures I am making are as follows. Feel free to experiment and adjust the formulas to fit your personal needs:
1. No Stress Potion: includes hops, oat tops, catnip + rose petals. Take 5 drops when feeling stressed.
2. Thyme Skin Purifier: includes only fresh thyme leaves. Use as a skin purifier in cases of rashes, fungal infections.
3. Memory Tonic: includes gotu kola, fresh peppermint, fresh sage, dandelion root. Take 5 drops daily for improved memory and mental clarity.

Using warm organic, raw apple cider vinegar, (with the “mother”), pour it over the herbs. Warming it helps to release the herbal constituents.

After measuring out the dried/fresh herbs, add warm apple cider vinegar to cover the herbs. Cover the jars.

Label the tinctures with dates + ingredients. Allow the tinctures to macerate for 2-4 weeks in a warm, dark place. Stir them daily, infuse them with good energy, surround them with crystals, flowers, and lots of love.

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