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Beloved Trend: Fortune Teller Jewelry

Then I knew in the crystalline knowledge of you
Drove me through the mountains
Through the crystal like clear water fountain
Drove me like a magnet to the sea…

-Stevie Nicks, Crystal


MANIAMANIA via Vogue Australia

Handpiece via Free People

Headpiece via Free People

Billy Bride aura ring via Tumblr

via A New Hope by Heather on Etsy

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Painted in Love: Interview with White Bear Accessories Creator + Designer Lindsay B.

Dedication, vision, passion, the Beatles, and lots of lace is all it takes to make a life long dream become a reality. I had the chance to interview Lindsay Bleier of White Bear Accessories, a young jewelry designer and entrepreneur whose relentless dream-chasing inspires me to follow my own. 

Lace-jewelry pioneer Lindsay Bleier of White Bear Accessories began her love-affair with the craft at the young age of ten. Her creativity was fostered by her mother, the owner of a clothing and accessories company, who sagely encouraged her and her sister to put their creative energy into art. Lindsay soon found herself surrounded on all sides by her growing treasury of jewelry creations, and friends suggested that she sell her unique pieces online. She founded her e-shop, White Bear Accessories, and with time, her designs evolved and her signature lace jewelry was born.

The idea to combine lace and jewelry came to her naturally. A girly-girl through and through, Lindsay’s admiration for all things sweet, romantic, and vintage guide her design style. She takes cues from her favorite historic costumes, referencing the lace and glamour rocked by English royalty in her hand painted rings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair pins. The young designer can be found in her Miami-based studio, listening to the Beatles, quipped with a paintbrush and paint in every shade set before her. Color is perhaps the most striking aspect of her jewelry line, with eye-catching crimsons, tones of emerald, neons, and ombre in all shades. Since each piece is handmade, Lindsay is able to customize her creations for her clients, a rare find in these days of mass-produced fashion. Lindsay claims that the right necklace is more than just jewelry, it’s a statement. “I want my customers to feel empowered, strong, daring.” With jewelry backed by that kind of passion and love, it’s not so farfetched a hope.

Lindsay’s online shop White Bear Accessories can be seen at Etsy and at Blossom, NY. Visit Lindsay’s page on Facebook.

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Beloved Trend: Flowers in Your Hair

When I was working at a flower shop a few years ago, every now and then a customer would request a crown of flowers to be made. They were always to mark special occasions:  weddings, children’s birthday celebrations, or Spring festivals and holidays. In fact, floral wreaths have been the crowning headwear of many cultures throughout history. The ancient Romans donned crowns made of wildflowers gathered at the sight of military victories, and the Greeks crowned Olympians with rings of herbs such as laurel. In the unsurpassably romantic Victorian era, people used the Language of Flowers to communicate secret messages to others through flowers, and garlands were one way of expressing love, hope, and other things. And who could forget the Mama’s + the Papa’s singing about the gentle people in San Francisco, with flowers in their hair? Here are some modern manifestations of this beloved trend:

via Pretty Penny

via K is for Kani at Etsy

via Pour la Victoire

via Free People

$10 headband via Free People

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Natural Inspiration: Forests + Emerald

Being a May-baby, emerald is my birthstone; I have naturally always been drawn to its mesmerizing hue. The color evokes memories of the archetypal forests of old fairytales, with velvety green mosses, maidenhair ferns, and the deep green canopies of the ancient trees. Worn habitually by the iconic Cleopatra and revered by the Incas as a divine stone, you too can tap into this rare gem’s mystifying beauty with these emerald-inspired pieces:

Lace turban headband by Just Liv’s at Etsy

Dreamcatcher with peacock feathers by Arizona Dreams at Etsy

Lace earrings by White Bear at Etsy

Emerald Skinnies at Free People

image via Frieda Sophie

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Beloved Trend: Zodiac + Sun Signs in Fashion

Finally, the zodiac is going noticed in fashion, makeup, jewelry, and the like. Each time I spy a sun-sign inspired piece, I am reminded of when I was 17 years old, making tee shirts with iron-on zodiac decals that I ordered on e-Bay. In fact, I own a substantial collection of zodiac jewelry, including a gold Gemini bracelet from Free People and a 1970’s wooden block with a pair of “love is…” comic strip twins painted on it. Nowadays, I’ve noticed a rising trend in zodiac paraphernalia. I think there is something very appealing about showing off your sign– it’s a chance to express your individuality and give people a tiny glimpse into what’s underneath the clothing. I love how M.A.C. Cosmetics has used the zodiac as inspiration for 12 color palettes, tailored to each sign, which you can find on this fun Facebook app, and how Free People has tapped into the sun-sign energy to create an interactive e-catalog based on travel and the zodiac. Here are some of my favorite manifestations of this new starry trend. (please follow the links below the images to visit shops.)

“I learned, in short, that love is not a condition of the spirit but a sign of the zodiac.”
— Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez (Memories of My Melancholy Whores)

this post was written while listening to: Jane’s Addiction – Ocean Size/Mountain Song/Up the Beach/Then She Did/Summertime Rolls/I would For You/Slow Divers/Jane Says

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