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New Section: The Language of Flowers

image by I must be a Mermaid

Floriography, or the Language of Flowers, was a most enchanting practice of the Victorian times in which people communicated messages and conveyances through flowers and herbs. This language of flowers is possibly one of the most romantic gestures that ever existed. Writers, poets, artists, and everyday people employed the age-old symbolism of flowers and herbs, rooted in mythology and folklore, to express emotion and ideas. Today, it can be an ideal outlet for those of us who seek the deeper meaning behind things.

Though there are inevitably countless variances in flower meanings based on geography, language, and culture, most flowers’ meanings are remarkably consistent throughout the world. As there are cases of extreme discrepancy, (such as with Basil, which in some manuals meant true love and in others, hatred), when sending or receiving messages it would be wise to combine flowers/herbs whose meanings are more consistent with those that are more elusive. In my attempts to help preserve and perhaps even revive this charming practice, here is an index of some popular flowers and herbs and the meanings assigned to them by tradition and folklore.

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Beloved Trend: Flowers in Your Hair

When I was working at a flower shop a few years ago, every now and then a customer would request a crown of flowers to be made. They were always to mark special occasions:  weddings, children’s birthday celebrations, or Spring festivals and holidays. In fact, floral wreaths have been the crowning headwear of many cultures throughout history. The ancient Romans donned crowns made of wildflowers gathered at the sight of military victories, and the Greeks crowned Olympians with rings of herbs such as laurel. In the unsurpassably romantic Victorian era, people used the Language of Flowers to communicate secret messages to others through flowers, and garlands were one way of expressing love, hope, and other things. And who could forget the Mama’s + the Papa’s singing about the gentle people in San Francisco, with flowers in their hair? Here are some modern manifestations of this beloved trend:

via Pretty Penny

via K is for Kani at Etsy

via Pour la Victoire

via Free People

$10 headband via Free People

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