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Wapi’ Yechi :: Tonic Herbs for Balance + Harmony

pejuta win (herb woman) via sodahead

In the wise way of the Native American people, the concept of wapi’ yechi, or bringing a person back to balance, is deeply rooted in the way of medicine. The herb woman (pejuta win) administered herbs and contacted animal or ancestral spirits to heal a sick person.  It’s amazing that curing is equated with balance. The concept of restoring balance is inherent to herbalism, while modern allopathic medicine unfortunately has forgotten this wisdom.

We hear and talk about STRESS all the time, but really when you stop to think about what it actually means, it becomes a little less … stressful. Stress is whatever causes the body to be pulled away from balance. The nature of life is change and therefore no one can escape stress. When stress gets the best of us illness (imbalance) occurs. However, there are herbs that help us cope with stress and restore balance … wapi’ yechi.

Tonic herbs are masters of balance, like Libra. The secret to their gift is that they are dual-natured, like gemini; they contain opposite groups of constituents that each carry opposite signals to the body. The body then chooses based on “specific hunger” which action it needs, based on the situation at hand. For example … echinacea is a tonic herb that has the ability to BOTH lower white blood cell count or raise white blood cell count. If a person has LOW white blood cell count, their body would interpret the echinacea as a white blood cell ENHANCER, and vise versa!! (Specific hunger is the idea that the body is wise and knows what is best for it, such as a child with a fever craving a cucumber…knowingly or not the cucumber cools and reduces fever! This happens all the time, but the important thing is to listen to your own body. Cravings are a whole other story….) This is an amazing interaction between plant and body that reflects our oneness with all of nature…they have this unspoken understanding that transcends the need for specific drugs or “instructions” from us!

Our bodies and the plants are truly partners in healing and harmony.

It is somewhat hard for us to understand that many herbs can have two opposite effects on the body, depending on what is needed at the time. Perhaps that is because modern medicine focuses on solving one problem in the body at a time. Not surprisingly, this approach always causes many side effects, because this method only furthers the IMBALANCE in the body.  A people’s medicine reveals much about the way of life and beliefs that govern daily living and perception of life. It seems that modern medicine ignores the concept of balance and makes it foreign to us. Using tonic herbal formulas daily is a proactive way to “fill in the gaps” of our current medical model.

Tonic herbs are always non-toxic, dual-natured, suitable for long-term use, and restore balance to body systems that are under stress. They don’t need any instructions, just take them and they will work WITH your body to fix what needs fixing. Here are some tonic herbs:



licorice root




passion flower

milk thistle




yerba mate …. these are just a few! as always feel free to message me with questions or help finding the right tonic herbs!

Trust the inherent wisdom of your body and the plants! Tonic herbs are like tune-ups for your body. Even if you don’t feel sick or imbalanced, or you aren’t sure which systems are off balance in your body, you can revive the age-old practice of taking tonic herbs everyday for optimal health.

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The Queen of Hearts: Hawthorn Berry + Flowers for Heart Health ♥

via glitter + grace

“Be true! Be true! Be true!” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Today I am thinking about Hawthorne, but not just the 19th century author from Salem, MA. Crataegus oxyacantha (or hawthorn) is a wonderful shrub of the Rose family that bestows berries full of heart-healing gifts, called hawthorn berries. The berries ripen for the picking in early Autumn, and Juliette de Bairacli Levy states that the aromatic flowers are said to bring fairies into the house – but she warns not to pick them before May. Kay Parent, an amazing herbalist and intuitive healer, advised me to make a hawthorn berry tincture with brandy to help improve my circulation and treat my longtime Raynaud’s condition. Also known as May Bush and Thorn Apple Tree, here are a few ways this crimson red berry can contribute to your heart health:

  •  Hawthorn tones, strengthens, and fortifies the heart
  • Treats high or low blood pressure
  • Regulates pulse
  • Relieves nervous tension + sleeplessness
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Excellent for people with a family history of heart disease
  • Rosemary Gladstar says anyone over 50 should drink it! (It can prevent atherosclerosis, or fatty degeneration of the heart)
  • Lifts the spirits+opens the heart
  • Helpful in cases of depression due to loss, grief, or heartbreak
  • Hawthorn berries can be enjoyed as a jam, paste, tea, tincture, liqueur, or as a powder added to oatmeal with cinnamon.
  • To reap these benefits, Jethro Kloss recommends one cup of hawthorn tea twice a day, sweetened with honey as desired.

Wishing you healthful and heart-full healing ♥ ♥ ♥

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20 Ways to live beautifully + consequentially bring about world peace

Start your day with your favorite uplifting song and dance. Try the age-old healing earth dance, belly dance!

Stretch your body like you mean it.

“When you make a world tolerable for yourself, you make a world tolerable for others.” –Anaïs Nin 
image via Worth Seeing

Breathe in fresh air. Rosemary Gladstar recommends visiting waterfalls, oceans, rivers, and mountains where the air is charged.

Write out your feelings or share them with a good friend.

Drink a hot drink and enjoy it fully.

Wear something majestic.

Say thanks for all your blessings.

Kiss a loved one.

Read an inspiring quote, take it to heart. ♥

Enjoy nature.

Extract the essence of this very day. It’s been waiting for you since the beginning of time, and it will never come back again.

Let your bare feet touch the Earth.

Look up at the stars.

Sleep enough.

Pamper yourself, for the sake of world peace!

Let go of one past regret.

Go to bed at peace with yourself, with others, with this world.

Remember, you’re an irreplacable part of the greatest love story of all time…LIFE!

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Herbal tincturing: memory tonic, no stress potion, thyme for pure skin

For the “no stress” potion, combine equal parts hops, catnip, milky oat tops, and pink rose petals. These are all “nervines” that help you relax and de-stress.

In the magical world of herbs, there are many ways to extract  the essence of an herb or flower to be used for medicinal/healing purposes. One of the simplest ways is tincturing. Tinctures are liquid extracts of herbs made with vinegar, alcohol, or glycerin. Tinctures are taken internally for all types of ailments, or for general improvement of health. They can also be used externally on the skin. All that it takes to make a long lasting, effective tincture are the herbs of choice, a glass jar, and apple cider vinegar (preferably raw, organic, with the ‘mother’.)

The tinctures I am making are as follows. Feel free to experiment and adjust the formulas to fit your personal needs:
1. No Stress Potion: includes hops, oat tops, catnip + rose petals. Take 5 drops when feeling stressed.
2. Thyme Skin Purifier: includes only fresh thyme leaves. Use as a skin purifier in cases of rashes, fungal infections.
3. Memory Tonic: includes gotu kola, fresh peppermint, fresh sage, dandelion root. Take 5 drops daily for improved memory and mental clarity.

Using warm organic, raw apple cider vinegar, (with the “mother”), pour it over the herbs. Warming it helps to release the herbal constituents.

After measuring out the dried/fresh herbs, add warm apple cider vinegar to cover the herbs. Cover the jars.

Label the tinctures with dates + ingredients. Allow the tinctures to macerate for 2-4 weeks in a warm, dark place. Stir them daily, infuse them with good energy, surround them with crystals, flowers, and lots of love.

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Skin Care: things you never thought an avocado could do

My teacher Rosemary Gladstar wisely says, “anything you wouldn’t eat, shouldn’t go on your skin!” This really rings true to me. It must follow that if something is so good to eat, such as avocados (and in season, thank you Subway commercials) they’d also be beneficial for skin care. (This goes for healthy, organic stuff, right..no pizza-based masks please!) This here is an amazing little facial mask from my favorite Madame Pompadour, you can try now that it is avocado season. Adjust the ingredients for your skin type, and apply after cleansing with a soft clean brush. Leave on your skin until you feel the avocado drying, then gently rinse off with lukewarm water. You won’t even need moisturizer afterwards because your skin will feel so smooth. If you are a newcomer to DIY skin care, don’t mind the voice in your head saying “this is too weird.” It’s only half right – it is a bit weird rubbing mashed avocado all over your face at first, but once you feel pure and simple ingredients on your skin, you won’t regret it! I bet you’ll be raiding the fridge and searching for your next food to try. Image

Dry skin: 1/2 avocado + 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. Mix well + apply.
Oily skin: 1/2 avocado + 1 egg white. Mix well + apply.
Normal skin: 1/2 avocado + honey. Mix well + apply.

Use the avocado shell as a “bowl” for the mixture because it contains healing oils and will keep the mixture from oxidizing if you choose to save if for tomorrow.

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