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The Herbs of Libra, the Scales that Bring Balance

Libra’s are one of my favorite signs of the zodiac. In my experience, they are Creative, Wise, Peaceful, Charming, Witty, and FUN people. Being the scales, they have an inherent ability to see both sides of a given situation and make balanced decisions this way. It is always a gift to befriend a Libra, and they usually have many good friends because they are such good company. They are of the AIR element group, along with Gemini and Aquarius, and this allows for their free-spirited and usually laid-back way of walking this earth. As we enter into the Autumn, the time of Libra, this time of high energy and change in the winds, we honor the Libra’s and give thanks for their many gifts…

libra by hello baby via days in my wonderland

Libra rules the KIDNEYS, which by no coincidence are ultimately the organs which provide the water BALANCE in our bodies. Healthy kidney function is vital to maintain proper acid/alkaline balance in the body. Hence, potential health concerns for Libra’s revolve around kidney dysfunction. Fortunately, Mother Nature bestowed many herbs that benefit the kidney and bladder directly. While these are the herbs of Libra, any of us can be afflicted with Libra-type kidney imbalances, and these herbs will benefit any person in need of restoring balance to the body:

Violet: this sweet little purple-flowered plant, also known as hearts-ease, is a soothing treatment for the kidneys and can aid headaches and dizziness. The Greeks used it regularly in love potions because it was considered a symbol of love and fertility. It can be used as a tea (leaves) and the flowers can be eaten raw in salads, deserts, or jellies.

violet syrup via life’s a lasagna

Thyme: An overall healing herb that is “excellent for healing headaches and giddiness arriving from nervous kidneys,” according to Ada Muir. Thyme is the courage-giving mint. Thyme contains powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties that fight off coughs, colds, and gum disease. Drink it as a tea and/or use it in the kitchen to add taste to any dish.

Pennyroyal: Another mint, this herb is soothing and warming. It has traditionally been used for painful menstruation, stomach aches, colds/fevers/chills, and as an insect repellant. Can be used topically in olive oil as a rub for the stomach or drank as a tea sparingly. **Pregnant women should NOT use this herb as it is an abortifacient.**

Feverfew: Known also as Flirtwort (Libra’s are sometimes referred to as the flirts of the zodiac) it’s gained its notoriety as a headache healing herb throughout the world. Ada Muir states that it strengthens and cleanses the kidneys. It is also used for colic, toothache, and vertigo. Take as a tincture to relieve migraine headaches.

Burdock Root: Also called Love-Leaves and Happy Major, this root is a revered kidney and liver tonic herb. Its high antioxidant count aids the liver in detoxification, and also helps the kidneys maintain proper hormonal balance. These actions positively effect the whole body; a flowing, happy digestive system, radiant, clear skin, and healthy, balanced reproductive organs. Take as a tea by boiling the root in water over a low flame for 15-20 minutes.

♥ Blessings for a balanced, peaceful, and lovely Autumn ♥

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