Herbs of Renewal

The holy day of Yom Kippur is on the horizon. Just beyond the starry sky, the cloak is lifted, the sky is split, and the cosmic white light is revealed. All new energy, all new hope. The universe is at the edge of a new dawn, as the past is let go in a collective sigh of relief, a collective cry, a cry of sadness for what’s been given away, a cry of joy for what is to come. The white light guides us and comforts us, reminds us of our primal essence, our unfaltering cosmic identity that never can fade, never can fail. The individual journeys all cross each other’s paths in some way, at some point in this whirling wave wind of time. Looking at the physical plane, we see the change in the seasons, the high energy rush of Autumn comes flying in with a gust of wind. Autumn is a poem of renewal and death, of loss and rebirth, or the story of our lives. Inside each of us a heart that never ceases to beat plays the music that calms our souls as we walk sometimes alone sometimes unsure sometimes misguided in our belly bearing existence. But there is always something there to remind us who we really are. The white light is inside and never fades. This day emerging honors the white light eternally. Renewal is where all the parts of life and death meet, and make color on the white light.


via green spirit

Herbs for Renewal

milk thistle – the herb of renewal. it contains silymarin, a unique component that protects the liver against free radicals and toxins. a happy liver means a happy immune system and a happy whole person free to live fully.

ginkgo biloba – a 200 million year old tree that gets blood flowing to all parts, bringing the waters of life to the brain, hands, feet, and everywhere where a fresh supply of energy and blood is needed.


milk thistle via herb companion

yarrow – the official wound healer. it physically stops bleeding and repairs tissues, and spiritually it also helps to heal wounds and create healthy boundaries to protect against harm. it tones the liver and flushes out toxins – renewal.

wormwood – a bitter that is truly sweet. it’s believed that wormwood’s bitter taste is due to this plant’s absorption of human suffering and injustice of the world. a true healer, it removes bitterness from inside us and restores peace and self-love.

cleavers – superb lymph cleanser that breaks up lymphatic buildup and toxins which would otherwise lead to cysts/tumors/infections/etc. treats external manifestations of stagnation (skin disorders) internally.

bitter orange – native of China. it is a “CHI” energy tonic that releases energy and gets stuck things moving. vitamins A B C. the building blocks.

fo-ti-tieng – the Chinese Herbalist Li Chung Yun was rumored to live 256 by drinking this tea with ginseng every day. (He also only ate vegetables that grew above ground, drank mineral water, and remained calm at all times.) Fo Ti Tieng contains Vitamin X, which energizes and rejuvenates the brain, nerves, and endocrine system.

citron (etrog) – one of the four species used on the holiday of sukkot (feast of tabernacles). It is said one who suffers from eye pains should gaze at a citron for healing. This fruit stabilizes liver function, helping to let go of depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and fatigue.

Other RENEWAL/REJUVENATING herbs : dandelion, plantain, sarsaparilla.

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