Make Scents: alternative aromatherapy for simple folks (who can’t afford the fancy spas)

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Why aromatherapy? True healing is holistic and should take the whole person into consideration. Our bodies and souls are interconnected and wellbeing is the balance between them. I believe scent is the sense that unifies the body and the soul, it is physical yet so elusive and its effects on our entire being are undeniably powerful. Olfaction (sense of smell) in humans is the first sense to develop, and it’s already given to babies inside the mother’s womb. The sense of smell is embedded in the amygdala in our brain, precisely where emotions are born and stored. Healing with scent is a natural approach to wellness, and for the skeptics, research reveals the virtues of aromatherapy beyond any doubt.

How to do it? Most people use essential oils for aromatherapy. Essential oils are the quintessence of a plant or flower captured and concentrated. Since this requires a massive amount of plant matter to produce a tiny amount of oil, they can be expensive and are very strong. The good news is you can practice the art of aromatherapy with OR without essential oils:

*MAKE YOUR OWN FLOWER ESSENCES~pick the freshest flowers possible at a time when they are full of life and their scent is at their peak. Place them in a glass bowl and leave it under the soon (or moon) for at least 3 hours. strain the water and bottle the liquid. you can add some brandy as a preservative.

*SURROUND YOURSELF~cook with them, sleep with them, put them in vases and bowls around your house. There is nothing quite as comforting as the smells of cinnamon wafting throughout the house, or relaxing as a bathtub exuding the scents of roses and lavender. Keep a dish of coffee beans nearby your desk at work to perk you up midday, it’s as effective as drinking it!

*STOP+SMELL THE ROSES!!!~The simplest and purest way to reap the benefits of the flowers is to surround yourself with them in their natural habitat. Taking a moment to sit outside near a flower and smell its essence is medicine. Find or grow an aromatic garden where you can breathe in nature’s medicine anytime. 

queen anne’s lace integrates psychic abilities with spirituality. via Sister Zeus

Some flower essences + their effects: (based on Ada Muir’s Healing Herbs of the Zodiac)

angelica: gives feeling of protection and guidance from spiritual sources
basil: helps balance physicality+spirituality
borage: builds self confidence
chamomile: gives serenity
red clover: imparts self-awareness+self-containment
dandelion: gives energy+balances inner forces

dill: promotes gratitude
echinacea: heals trauma
goldenrod: balances selfhood+social consciousness
lavender: heightens spiritual awareness+sensitivity
nasturtium: radiates warmth
pennyroyal: promotes clarity of thought
rosemary: corrects disconnect between body+soul
st. john’s wort: illuminates consciousness+gives strength
sunflower: gives balanced sense of individuality
violet: elevates spiritual perception

Aromatherapy has received due attention in our society, but to many people it remains a distant, idyllic treatment only attainable at a spa. But I want to point out that it doesn’t just mean going to a fancy spa and inhaling exotic, mysterious vials of oils. Aromatherapy is all around us, if you just seek it out. As Lady Barbara the wise herbalist says, “just Alice-in-Wonderland it.” Happy smelling!

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2 thoughts on “Make Scents: alternative aromatherapy for simple folks (who can’t afford the fancy spas)

  1. Ros Rua says:

    This is wonderful information and a great blog!

    I lived in New York as a girl, and while we often journeyed to the city to go to Central Park and the museums, I never knew about the Brooklyn garden. I’m sorry to have missed it but I will have to visit the next time I’m in New York.

    I love Lady Barbara’s saying! I had a rose garden when we lived in Florida with 12 fragrant bushes and four climbers, and I used to clip and bring indoors all of the blooms I could. Our house smelled wonderful, and during the winter when the roses weren’t blooming all I had to do was recall the wonderful scent to invoke the most wonderful peace over the entire house.

    • thank you so much! I am glad you find it useful. Lady Barbara is full of wise sayings. I think of her as the Janis Joplin of the Herbalists, because she is so passionate and unafraid to speak her mind. Your rose garden sounds beautiful, it’s amazing how much a simple rose can add to the peace and beauty of a space. Thanks for commenting, and come back soon!!

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