Natural Inspiration: Forests + Emerald

Being a May-baby, emerald is my birthstone; I have naturally always been drawn to its mesmerizing hue. The color evokes memories of the archetypal forests of old fairytales, with velvety green mosses, maidenhair ferns, and the deep green canopies of the ancient trees. Worn habitually by the iconic Cleopatra and revered by the Incas as a divine stone, you too can tap into this rare gem’s mystifying beauty with these emerald-inspired pieces:

Lace turban headband by Just Liv’s at Etsy

Dreamcatcher with peacock feathers by Arizona Dreams at Etsy

Lace earrings by White Bear at Etsy

Emerald Skinnies at Free People

image via Frieda Sophie

Jade is the New Black Nail Color by OPI via Erica’s Beauty Blog

Angelina Jolie inspired Emerald Earring by Room of Your Own at Etsy

Bring the greens of of the forest indoors in a hanging terrarium by ABJ Glassworks at Etsy

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2 thoughts on “Natural Inspiration: Forests + Emerald

  1. Me too! I adore emerald as a May baby, and I used to think I was Dorothy…so the emerald city was always special. I love these photos.

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