Herbal Savior: Kloss’ Liniment

If there is one remedy every household should have, I believe it should be Kloss’ liniment. Formulated by Jethro Kloss, one of the most revered herbalists of the 19th century, it is a cure-all for any type of external infection or skin ailment. Kloss was born on a farm in Wisconsin in April 1863, the year Abe Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation and Jacob Grimm (of the Brothers Grimm) passed away. Kloss’ magnum opus, Back To Eden, sold over 3 million copies and is known as the classic guide to herbal therapy. In its nearly 1,000 pages, he lists endless herbal formulas and recipes for wholesome foods and general well-being. One of his most famous formulas is this liniment that Rosemary Gladstar revised a bit for a truly magical medicine:

1 pint of rubbing alcohol
2 ounces myrrh gum (powdered)
1 ounce echinacea powder
1 ounce golden seal root (powdered)
1/2 ounce cayenne pepper

Combine the herbs and cover with the alcohol. Leave in a dark, warm spot for at least 10 days (the longer the better). Shake it daily because the herbs get clumped together. It will turn a black color with a golden hue.
Strain it and bottle it in amber bottles and store in dark, cool place. Label it with the date and make sure to write “for external use only!” Use it freely on any skin problems such as sunburn, scalds, burns, bruises, sprains, oozing infections, zits, and recently I discovered it works miracles on swimmer’s ear. *Do NOT ingest the liniment as it is for external use only! 

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