Haircare for a Cause: Why I’m Loving “Onesta” Shampoo


Art by Barbara Kruger via Art 21 Blog.

H. sapien, woman, friend, lover, thinker, sister, daughter, writer, adventurer…One term I probably wouldn’t list on a bio is “consumer.” But in reality, it’s probably more true than some of those other terms I’d use to describe myself. I buy something nearly every day, and I am consuming information and messages constantly. It’s the world we are living in.  The good news is, we consumers have tremendous power in our hands. Each time we buy a product, we are essentially supporting the company that created it, and sending them the message that what they are doing is dandy by us. And in turn, by not buying something, well that’s one of the strongest messages we can send. Rest assured, that’ll be heard. When buying something, don’t just think of it as a piece of bubble gum, or a bottle of shampoo. Think of what the people who made it did to get it to you. Do you want to give them your money (or give them the finger)?

Which leads me to a new shampoo I’ve been using for a month, called Onesta (Italian for honesty). In light of the above, here’s why I like it so much:
1. It’s free of parabens, which are used for extending a product’s shelf life. The problem is they are estrogenic and research shows they are linked to breast cancer.
2. It’s free of Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These babies are found in many shampoos, as well as engine degreasers and garage floor cleaners. Not on my head!
3. It’s devoid of synthetic colors and dyes that are just plain bad for us living creatures.
4. It has no DEA’s or TEA’s. They are what makes some shampoos super-foamy, but they are also carcinogenic. (If you haven’t used a shampoo without these, you might feel like it doesn’t get your hair “clean,” which I have heard before. But you just have to rethink how you shampoo – make sure you really lather it up, turn off the water while you do, and let it stay in your hair for a minute or so.)
5. The company is Vegan and PETA recognized, so they don’t harm any animals in the making of their products.
6. The company supports important Breast Cancer research and donates 10% of their profits to cancer research each year.
7. The strengthening shampoo contains organic herbs such as fenugreek, calendula, and dandelion. I love herbs!
8. All marketing materials, product displays, and packaging are produced on recycled materials.
9. 100% of Onesta’s energy consumption is offset by wind power.
10. My hair looks damn good after using it. (After all, this is the important part, isn’t it?) It feels good. This might sound weird, but after using it my hair looks like it did when I was a little girl!

I urge you to join me in the search for good, honest products and to ban those products that cause harm to our world. Whether its in your shampoo or your car, put your spending power to good use!

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