Herbal Recipe: Minted Stone Fruit Compote

20120702-154229.jpgIn a saucepan, combine 2.5 cups of roughly chopped fresh plums (or peaches, nectarines, or a mixture of any), 4-5 sprigs of fresh mint, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 cinnamon stick, 2 tablespoons of water, and a thick strip of lemon peel.


Bring to a light boil, then simmer uncovered for 10-15 minutes, until the fruit is softened and the mixture becomes a bright red hue. The mint should be wilted and there should be a strong smell of cinnamon, mint, and honey. 20120702-154243.jpgRemove the cinnamon stick, lemon zest, mint sprigs. Transfer the compote to a pint size jar. Cover and let cool. Enjoy this healthy jam-like compote with yogurt, toast, cheese, or even by itself.

Health Benefits
Both plums and mint are revered digestive tonics, easing constipation and indigestion. The lemon peels, mint, and plums in this recipe also all contain notable levels of vitamin C, which helps build a strong immune system. The high level of antioxidants found in plums land them on the list of super-foods alongside blueberries and green tea. The great thing about this compote is that you can tweak the recipe to suit your taste and health needs. You might replace the cinnamon stick with ginger or star-anise, or switch up the lemon zest for orange or grape fruit. The possibilities are endless and the magic is in your hands.


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