Herbal Oil: Comfrey + Rose

20120630-124637.jpgIngredients: 3 tablespoons dried organic pink rose petals, 2 tablespoons dried organic comfrey leaf, covered with 1/2 vitamin E oil + 1/2 extra virgin olive oil (enough to cover the herbs by 2-3 inches).
How to make it: Using the “Simpler’s Method,” place the herbs covered with the oils (you can use any oil of your choice, such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, etc.) Give it a whirl, place in a warm sunny spot for 2 weeks. Infuse the oil with love and magic by daily shaking. Place it under the stars and let it soak up that powerful lunar/solar energy. When the time has passed, the herbs should look spent and the oil should have taken on the colors/hues of the herbs. It won’t probably smell any different, though you can add essential oil of rose if you wish. Strain the oil from the herbs and rebottle. Store the oil in a cool, dark place.
Uses for the oil: Apply to bruises, sores, swelling, burns, splinters. Can be used as a relaxing muscle massage oil. Use on delicate skin to reap the benefits of Vitamin E oil, which include healing scars, wrinkles, and brown spots.

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