TEA BLEND: Firefly Nights

A Cup of Tea Solves EverythingTry this lighthearted, sweet herbal tea blend on a midsummer’s eve.

Ingredients for one cup of tea:

1.5-2 teaspoons dried organic pink rose petals
1 teaspoon dried organic comfrey leaf*
1/2  teaspoon dried organic ginger root
1/4 teaspoon fennel seeds
5 drops of pure organic vanilla extract

Steep in hot water for several minutes until the rose petals wilt and become a gorgeous iridescent  lavender color. Strain out the herbs, find an enchanting outdoor place to watch the fireflies light up the garden, and enjoy!

Tea all day!Health Benefits & Folklore

Pink Rose Petals. These delicate petals not only add beauty to any potpourri, but they are heart healthy and contain sedative properties. In fact, rose oil has been linked to “sweeter dreams,” so dream on…
Comfrey Leaf.* Honored as one of nature’s most healing herbs, comfrey is full of vitamins and is a wonderful all-around tonic herb.
Ginger Root. A beloved tonic for nerves and digestion. It stimulates digestive juices and aids in nausea and any stomachaches.
Fennel Seeds. Historically prized for weight loss and battling obesity, fennel seeds are also helpful in calming the stomach.
Vanilla extract.  It’s no surprise that this sweet bean is an age old aphrodisiac and sedative, with powerful anti-anxiety effects. And vanilla also contains antioxidants to reduce free radicals and improve health. Now that’s Yum!!

*some sources warn pregnant and nursing women against using comfrey internally. Instead, replace with green tea or any other herb you like!


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